Hello world!

I have written this first blog post several times over the last two years, each and every time I tried to create an author's website.  I typically make wild promises to post weekly, I think I even wrote that I would post daily once.

In one "first post" I vowed to make this a go to location for new independent authors in search of answers to all their questions.  How do you publish, what should you spend money on, what other advice do I have for a new author?

The issue is, I'm not a blogger, at least, not yet.  I'm not 100% comfortable putting my musing out on the internet.  All of the glorious promises I made in those other posts were falsehoods.  I have to warm up to this whole idea of self promoting, and I'll get there.  I have to, it's part of the job I've chosen.

Until I attain that ability, this is my first post and the promises I am comfortable making.  I will try to blog with some sort of regularity, I will try to be witty and informative in the process, and I will write about topics relevant to self publishing or writing.

There you go, that's it, here is my first post...

Thank you for reading, and welcome to bradleymanuel.com.

13 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. will there be a the last tribe part 2? – will we see if tony gets to increase his options with a trip to San Fran?

    1. If no part two then the book is left at an odd unfinished ending.

      Loved the book, but as soon as I was done I went looking everywhere and no news of part two.

  2. Just finished “The Last Tribe” really hope you write a Book 2, now I will look for your other titles as I enjoyed your writing style, made for easy reading. Only critic is that the editing lets through some really silly errors in spelling.

  3. Please tell me there will be a sequel to The Last Tribe. I really love your book and can’t wait to see if Tony gets a mate, if John and Sol have a child, if Greg and Rebeka get to do more. Please don’t leave us with just this one book!

  4. Sequel to The Last Tribe? Tv show? Something?

    I couldn’t stop reading it, and when I was done I was disappointed that there wasn’t more to read. I need more!

  5. Hope you continue with a book two. I really enjoyed this book, the character development was great and I really felt that I got to know them all. Loved the idea and hope to find out what happens with the letter bombing results.

    Thanks for a fun read and hours of enjoyment.

  6. Wow! The Last Tribe was awesome, but where is the sequel?? Your book left quite a bit to be built upon, but I see no sign of a part two. I hope you are working on it, as I think much is still to be worked out. So many books are turned into trilogies that could be condensed into one book, while I feel that you could build on this story for three books or more. Hope to see a sequel soon!

  7. Please write a last tribe 2 what happens next what happens in aug 1st greg rebecca babbies dont do this to us. Write it now please!

  8. Well… I wouldn’t say it’s a cliffhanger but, I have to know what happens next. Will Peter fly back to the mainland?
    Will Rebecca and Greg start procreating?
    Are you going to write a sequel?

  9. Along with other comments, The Last Tribe is one of my favorite books and I have been looking for the sequel for years. Do you have a facebook page or any other way for fans to engage with you?

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